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Art History Courses

322 Art of Ancient Greece: (4)

Introduction to major traditions, functions, and styles of Greek art from the Bronze Age through the Archaic to the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

323 Art of Ancient Rome: (4)

Introduction to major traditions, functions, and styles of the art of ancient Italy and the Roman Empire, from the Etruscans through the Republic to the art of Constantine the Great.

324 Art and Politics in the Ancient World: (4)

Use of art and architecture by leading figures and states to shape and express the political environment and ideologies of the ancient world. Propagandistic art from Egypt to Rome.

326 The Acropolis of Athens: (4)

The principal architectural and sculptural monuments of the Athenian Acropolis. Emphasis on works from the Age of Pericles. Selected literary texts read in translation.

424/524 Classical Greek Art: (4)

Greek art in the 5th and 4th centuries b.c. Emphasizes major artistic programs of Olympia and Athens and classical attitudes toward the representation of the human form. Prereq: ARH 204 or 322 or instructor’s consent.

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