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Latin Courses

101, 102, 103 First-Year Latin: (5,5,5)

Fundamentals of Latin grammar; selected readings from classical and medieval authors.

199 Special Studies: [Topic] (1-5R)

301, 302, 303 Authors: [Topic] (3R)

Second-year Latin: selections from major Roman authors with focus on reading and syntax. 301: Caesar. 302: Virgil. 303: Roman comedy.
R when reading material changes.

399 Special Studies: [Topic] (1-5R)

401 Research: [Topic] (1-21R)

403 Thesis: (1-21R)

405 Reading and Conference: [Topic] (1-21R)

407/507 Latin Seminar: [Topic] (1-5R)

408/508 Colloquium: [Topic] (1-21R)

409 Supervised Tutoring: [Topic] (1-21R)

410/510 Experimental Course: [Topic] (1-5R)

411/511 Authors: [Topic] (3R)

Each term devoted to a different author or literary genre: Catullus, Tacitus, Juvenal, Pliny, Ovid, Lucretius, comedy, philosophy, elegy, epic, satire.
R when topic changes.

503 Thesis: (1-16R) P/N only

601 Research: [Topic] (1-16R) P/N only

602 Supervised College Teaching: (1-5R)

605 Reading and Conference: [Topic] (1-16R)

606 Special Problems: [Topic] (1-16R)

607 Seminar: [Topic] (1-5R)

608 Colloquium: [Topic] (1-21R)

609 Terminal Project: (1-16R)

610 Experiental Course: [Topic] (1-5R)

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