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Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest Conference

Mar 15, 2013Mar 16, 2013

The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN) will take place at the University of Oregon, March 15-16, 2013.

Call for Papers: We invite papers on any aspect of Graeco-Roman antiquity, and we especially seek those that are likely to be of broad interest and make connections among the different elements of the ancient world. Such connections can be between Greek society and Roman society, between different disciplines such as archaeology, literature and history, or between different genres of literature. We also welcome pedagogical papers, especially those that address the instruction of Latin and Greek at primary, secondary and university levels. Teachers and students of the Classics at any level of instruction (K-12, college, or university) may submit abstracts; all papers will be judged anonymously by the Program Committee, chaired by CAPN President Mary Jaeger.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words may be submitted by email to this address: The deadline for submissions is January 10, 2013. You should receive a response by the end of January.

Further details about the conference schedule, keynote address, and practicalities will be sent out as soon as they are available, and will be accessible on the CAPN webpage ( For additional inquiries, contact Mary Jaeger at the University of Oregon.

Hope to see you all there.