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Master of Arts: Language and Literature


  1. Complete at least 45 credits of graduate course work, which must include one seminar (ARH, HIST, GRK, LAT, or CLAS 507), one course in classical archaeology (CLAS 507), Introduction to Philological Methods (CLAS 611), and at least 9 credits in 600-699 level courses taken in residence.
  2. Complete the general MA requirements stipulated by the Graduate School
  3. Pass with a grade of mid-B or better five courses in Greek and/or Latin authors (GRK 511/LAT 511)
  4. Complete surveys of Greek history (HIST 512) and Roman history (HIST 514). Equivalent courses taken as an undergraduate may fulfill this requirement
  5. Pass a translation examination in one modern language, usually French or German. This requirement may be fulfilled with a standardized examination offered by the university or by the successful translation of a significant scholarly text
  6. Choose one of three plans for completing the master of arts degree in classics with specialization in Greek, Latin, or both:

Plan 1: Write a thesis in one of the fields mentioned above. At least 9 credits of Thesis 503 must be completed and may be counted toward the 45-credit minimum. Satisfactory completion of the thesis includes an oral defense.

Plan 2: Pass a comprehensive examination in two parts: translation and essay. The candidate must, in consultation with his or her advisors, define a reading list for the translation part of the examination

Plan 3: Compile a portfolio of at least two substantive essays (40-50 pages total). The candidate develops, expands, and revises work written for graduate author courses or seminars.

Additional information and details about the standards may be obtained from the classics department and are included with any letter of admission.

The deadline for the admission application is March 1.