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Study Abroad

Classics students are encouraged to spend time on a study abroad program. The University of Oregon is affiliated with some programs, but it is up to the student to ensure that academic credits earned abroad are transferable to a University of Oregon degree. The following links provide information about various programs:

Global Education Oregon

Applying for Study Abroad Program



“In the Summer of 2016, I got to travel all around Greece studying archaeology in the Bronze Age in Greece. I participated in a program through a study abroad school based in Athens called College Year in Athens. Our professor, Angelos Papadopolous, is an active archaeologist in Athens who specializes in the Bronze Age period. With him and our CYA faculty member, we explored different excavated sites in Athens, Aegina, Crete, Thera (Santorini), and Mycenae. It was an absolutely incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone.”

Erin Casini